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Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8)

Our Section 8 Program, now known as the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program, enables low-income families in the Charlotte area to rent safe housing that is affordable in the private market through funds provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. By enrolling in the program you will receive a voucher that allows a portion of your rent to be paid directly to the property manager or property owner by CHA. 

Read more about our Housing Choice Voucher Program below to see if you qualify.

Do You Qualify?
Vouchers are limited to extremely low to low-income families. We determine eligibility based on:
  1. Annual gross income
  2. Your ability to pass a criminal background check
  3. Eligible immigration status
  4. Previous behavior in other assisted housing.

What happens when you qualify?

Once your name is pulled from the wait list, if a CHA preference has been applied for, a letter will be sent to you that your preference should be verified.


If the preference cannot be verified, your name will go back on the wait list in order of the date and time in which the application was submitted.


If the preference can be verified, a package of paperwork to complete will be sent with a deadline to submit the requested information.


Once deemed eligible, you will receive a letter providing a date and time of your voucher briefing.


At the briefing, you will attend a Good Neighbor Training and be issued a voucher with qualifying amounts. 


Upon issuance of the voucher, you will receive a Request For Tenancy Approval package to start their housing search.



Project Based

Project-Based Vouchers are a component of a public housing agency's (PHAs) housing choice voucher program. A PHA can attach up to twenty percent (20%) of its voucher assistance to specific housing units if the owner agrees to either rehabilitate or construct the units, or the owner agrees to set aside a portion of the units in an existing development.

Please refer to the following link to find properties with our Project-Based Vouchers: Real Estate Properties Applications for Project-Based Vouchers are accepted at the properties. To review properties that are accepting applications, please click here.

Tenant Based

Tenant-Based Vouchers increase affordable housing choices for very low-income families. Families with a tenant-based voucher choose and lease safe, decent, and affordable privately-owned rental housing.

Voucher Transfer

If you have a voucher issued from another housing authority, you may be able to port (transfer) the voucher to be used in Mecklenburg County, which includes the city of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Steps to Portability / Voucher Transfer [ Step 1 of 8 ]

Effective January 1, 2018, Charlotte Housing Authority implemented a mandatory work requirement.  All non-elderly/non-disabled households will be expected to work 20 hours per week.   Families porting to CHA must be employed within the Charlotte Mecklenburg area, or must provide a job offer letter from a prospective employer prior to porting into CHA’s program.


Notification must first be provided to the caseworker at your current housing authority, they will determine eligibility to port. If you are eligible, the current housing authority must mail or fax the voucher holder’s portability packet to CHA. DO NOT bring paperwork to the CHA Office.


Please mail voucher packet to:

Charlotte Housing Authority

Attn: Linda Gordon

400 East Boulevard

Charlotte, NC 28203

Fax to (704) 336-8484 or (704) 336-5960. Please have faxes come to the attention of the Lead Portability Specialist.

CHA will assign one bedroom for each two persons within the household, except in the following circumstances:


  1. A separate bedroom may be allocated to the Head of Household and his/her domestic partner.
  2. Persons of the opposite sex (other than spouses, and children under the age of 6) will be allocated separate bedrooms.
  3. Live-in aides will be allocated a separate bedroom. Single person families will be allocated one bedroom.
  4. Children of the same gender with an age difference of 8 years will be allocated separate bedrooms.
  5. Unrelated adults of the same gender will be allocated separate bedrooms.
  6. Foster children will be included in determining unit size only if they will be in the unit for more than 60 days.

We are currently billing for all portable tenants at this time. For current payment standards, click here.

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