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Resident Safety

Our Resident Safety Department helps to ensure that all our residents are provided with safe housing. This service is provided to all residents and helps to investigate, track and prevent crimes or reports of crimes in all our communities. 

Our goal is to provide residents with crime prevention measures to ensure that all our communities are a safe place to live and work.

We work closely with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) to obtain crime data, develop additional preventative measures and maintain a presence in our resident communities. To assist with public safety, the Sheriff’s department has a live-in deputy at select elderly and disabled communities.

Our resident safety service includes programs For our residents to assist with crime and drug prevention:

  • Crime Stopper Reward Program - Rewards residents with rent adjustments/ credits for providing valid information about criminal  activity in CHA communities.
  • Tenant Patrol - Increases resident involvement in crime control and enhances safety and security at our communities.
  • Crime Prevention Workshops - Provides a platform for questions and answers in order to enhance self-help and socialization skills as well as  increases community involvement and awareness.
  • Domestic Violence Workshops - Provides victims of domestic violence with the tools necessary to prevent future domestic violence acts.
  • Fire Prevention - Provide residents with the tools necessary to prevent fires and act properly if there is a fire.

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Allison Preston

Senior Vice President of Resident Safety

(704) 336-4274

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