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Center for employment services

The Center for Employment Services (CES) is a Moving Forward Initiative to promote employment and self-reliance in West Charlotte. One of the largest barriers to employment residents face is lack of job skills or training. CES focuses on addressing this issue. Our overall goal for the center is for all Public Housing Residents and Housing Choice Voucher Participants to have services, training and support to become employed.

“Potential employees that companies are looking for live in public housing. Employers should not turn a blind eye to them.”
- Kenneth Smith, CEO of Grace-Mar Services

To ensure the employment services were accessible, we chose a location in West Charlotte on the CATS bus line. Located at the corner of Caronia Street and Clanton Road, CES provides free office space to several local service providers to bring career development opportunities to the area. Current partners residing at the center include Charlotte Works and Grace-Mar Services, Inc. 

How it Works
Success Measures

Number of clients who secure employment

Number of clients in training and/or educational programs

Increase in client wages

How it Works

CES welcomes volunteers to assist in training, businesses that need access to a trained workforce, donations to assist with the building’s operating costs, and of course people to continue to come in and access the employment services offered.

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