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Hard Work Pays Off

June 8, 2018

Being busy can overwhelm you at times, but it also keeps you active and creates experiences. Having a full schedule teaches you how to manage time and prepare you for the future. Rebecca Leathers is a high school senior at South Mecklenburg High School, whose schedule is time consuming, but she enjoys every minute of it. 
Rebecca is originally from Boston, MA, her family relocated with their voucher to Charlotte four years ago. Being the oldest of four, Rebecca takes pride in being a positive role model for her siblings. One way she leads by example is her passion for education and extracurricular activities.  She is the Executive Council Secretary for the student government, plays clarinet in the school band, and a part of multiple honor societies. The funny thing is that is just her in-school activities. 
Not only does Rebecca have a passion for education, she has one for her community as well. Outside of school Rebecca participates in a jazz ensemble, her church and is a junior coach with Girls on The Run, a running club for young girls in school. Girls on The Run is a great way for Rebecca to use her experience running track to mentor and impact the lives of young girls in middle school.   And with all these activities, she still makes time to babysit her younger siblings.  Spending time with family is key since the graduating senior will be attending Wake Forest University in the fall.      

Do not think Rebecca is done with her extracurricular activities, because she plans on being just as active in college as she was in high school. She wants to join a running club, student government, a community service club and an African American organization. She has all this drive, where did it come from? It came from her mother Jennis Farquharson.  Jennis works at a local elementary school and has always stressed the importance of education to her children. “I have watched my mom provide for us, put clothes on our back and food in our stomachs. She shows me every day what it is to be a strong woman,” said Rebecca. Jennis is always pushing Rebecca to fulfil her dreams and succeed. 

All of Rebecca’s hard work paid off, because she got into one of the nation’s top schools. Rebecca also earned a scholarship from the Charlotte Housing Authority Scholarship Fund (CHASF). “It is great receiving the scholarship because I don’t have to worry about the financial burden of college as much,” said Rebecca with relief.  With CHASF’s support, Rebecca can focus on her studies and enjoy the college experience. While she has not decided yet, Rebecca is interested in majoring in either International Business or African American Studies.

With her education and passion for community, Rebecca wants to open a non-profit music school when she gets older. CHA is proud of Rebecca and knows she will continue to work hard in anything she puts her mind to.


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