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Do Work Requirements Make a Difference in Public Housing?

May 31, 2018

There has been a lot of discussion nationally about making it mandatory for residents in public housing to work, the Charlotte Housing Authority (CHA) believes in pairing supportive services with a work requirement, we call it Moving Forward

The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill has been studying the impacts of our Moving Forward for the past few years.  Dr. William (Bill) Rohe, the Director of the Center for Urban and Regional Studies at UNC Chapel Hill explains, “There’s been a lot of discussion in Washington lately about the idea of adding work requirements to public housing programs”. 

Find out more in the video about Dr. Rohe’s assessment of the impact of CHA’s case management and work requirement initiative. As he explains, program results along with client satisfaction show promising outcomes, yet shouldn’t be seen as a one size fits all solution for all 3,600 public housing authorities across the US. An encouraging regional job market coupled with a comprehensive case management program, are vital to the effectiveness of such programs.   

The Charlotte Housing Authority is 1 of 39 Moving to Work (MTW) Agencies.  UNC Chapel Hill’s Center for Urban and Regional Studies is CHA’s third party evaluator for our MTW program. 

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