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July 27, 2017

Do you have the ambition to go after your goals in life? Well, Candace White not only created goals for herself but worked hard to achieve them. The drive for her success was the love for her daughters Makiaya and Kennedi. What she learned throughout the process was that the road to success is not easy, but if you stay the course the possibilities for greatness is endless.

                The most difficult time for Candace was 2008. She was laid off from her job and recently gave birth to her second daughter Kennedi. She worked multiple temporary jobs but could not find a permanent position that paid enough to take care of her family. Candace had been on her own since she was 18, and going back home was not an option for her.  Life was getting tough for Candace trying to raise two young girls without a stable place to work or live. She had no choice but to keep fighting even though there was no relief in sight.  She needed housing that was affordable. She needed a stable place for her family so she could raise her children and focus on a better life for herself.  That is when she decided to apply to CHA for housing. In 2011, Candace’s faith and commitment began to pay off and her burdens began to lift when she received an approval letter for housing from CHA. Candace was officially a resident of Claremont Apartments, she could begin to see a brighter future.

Becoming a Claremont resident gave her family security knowing they had a roof over their head. This also gave Candace the opportunity to focus on her personal growth and that of her children. She decided to take full advantage of the resources provided to her and was able to work with Case Manager Tammy Walker.      Candace didn’t know that Tammy would have such a great impact on her life. “I really cannot begin to express my gratitude for how for grateful I am to have had her as a Case Manager,” said Candace joyfully.

Candace continued working hard and was able to receive a temporary assignment in CHA’s Relocation department where she got the chance to work for Senior Vice President of Relocation Twyla Taylor. Candace really enjoyed the opportunity and used it to grow and build her skill set.

Always soaking up information Candace was able to learn about financial preparation for herself and her daughters’ future. Her hard work paid off, on January 26th, 2015 Candace was offered a permanent position at McKesson Pharmaceutical Company as a Pharmacy Representative.

                This new position helped her financially prepare for a new apartment. Candace moved out of Claremont on May 7th, 2017 and is now enjoying life to the fullest and still creating more goals to reach. One of her goals is to buy a house in the next two years.

                Candace did not only set goals, she worked hard to reach them. She has been a role model for her daughters and continues to raise them to become successful young women.

CHA thanks Candace for sharing her story and being an example for her daughters and the community.

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