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December 15, 2018

DeVondia Roseborough is a woman who wears many hats. She is a former Charlotte Housing Authority (CHA) resident whose go getter mentality is the reason she has accomplished so much. DeVondia is a college graduate, author, homeowner and more.  However, accomplishing these things did not come without their share of obstacles.  
DeVondia was born and raised in Charlotte. Having a close relationship with her mother and grandmother instilled in her values of self-respect and a strong work ethic. Their influence sparked DeVondia’s go-getter mentality. 
A few months after high school she was pregnant with her first child. DeVondia needed her own place, so she applied to CHA and became a resident of Piedmont Courts in 1994. Having a child only added to DeVondia’s drive. “Now I had a child that was looking at me making sure that mommy doesn’t fail, so my biggest thing was don’t fail your children,” said DeVondia. She worked for YWCA of The Central Carolinas in their daycare, all while taking classes at Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC). DeVondia’s hard work gave her the opportunity to move up and become the YWCA’s Director Team Leader. She enjoyed that position because she got to work with kids of all ages.
DeVondia knew she wanted to accomplish more, so she contacted her Case Worker at Piedmont Courts and found out about the Stepping Stone Program. This program
allowed her to work fulltime without impacting her CHA rental assistance. Being able to save money was a blessing for her, but the program did not last. Seeing DeVondia’s efforts to take advantage of the program, the Case Manager asked if she would like to move to First Ward and try their Self-Sufficiency Program? She accepted the opportunity without hesitation.
Now a mother of two, First Ward was a great opportunity for her family. She had more space and a better area, but she wanted her daughters to have a backyard to play.  That pushed DeVondia to sign up for the Homeownership Program with Habitat for Humanity. Within seven months she was a homeowner. “Homeownership is something very valuable, if you have that you have a legacy. So I tell my kids when my eyes close and my head go cold, you will always have somewhere to stay.”
Life for DeVondia was at an all-time high, but took an unexpected turn in 2003.  A few months after moving into her new home DeVondia found out she was HIV positive. She spent years in and out of the hospital. DeVondia lost 70 lbs and had to put her college goals on hold. It was a battle every day. DeVondia’s mother Patricia, was by her side every step of the way, and knew her daughter would make it through. 
It took time, but Patricia was right! She bounced back, with the support of her family and faith. In 2005, DeVondia started her own nonprofit called The Rasberrirose Foundation. This foundation is geared to help women and girls with low self-esteem, with a focus on HIV and HIV prevention. DeVondia even published a book about her life. She was doing well, but she still needed a job. She earned a position at the Mecklenburg County Health Department, in the HIV, STD Community Services department. It did not last too long, funding was cut and she lost her position. Still unwilling to give up, DeVondia kept her faith strong and go getter mindset and immediately contacted a Career Coach. They loved her resume, but noticed she did not have a bachelor’s degree.
She registered for the Metropolitan Adult Degree Program at Johnson C. Smith University. On June 14, 2017 DeVondia graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Communications. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree at Queens University. Not only is DeVondia planning on getting her Doctorate degree, she is getting married next year, writing another book and continuing to spread her story through her nonprofit. There is no question that DeVondia is a perfect example of a go getter. CHA is grateful for her and the work she does in the community. Keep knocking out those goals.        
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