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CHA Paves the Way with Work Requirements and Washington Takes Notice

September 28, 2018

Public housing authorities have always had to strike a sensitive balance of providing affordable housing to residents who are financially fragile, while trying to move them to a level of independence where assistance is not needed.  With the cost of living outpacing wages, that challenge becomes more and more difficult, and the obstacles these residents face can be overwhelming and distressing.   

In search of a solution, the Charlotte Housing Authority (CHA), implemented a work requirement with supportive services plan for all non-senior and non-disabled households and residents.  The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Center for Urban and Regional Studies (UNC) has studied CHA’s program results since it was implemented in 2014.  UNC found that of the residents that participated in CHA’s initiative, that over 80% of the residents support the work requirement. In interviews, residents offered many positive impacts of the policy, including improved self-esteem, reduced financial stress, and serving as positive role models for their children. Prior to their research, there has been no rigorous evaluation of those requirements’ impacts on tenant employment and rates of eviction.  NPR takes a look into CHA’s impact click to read more.

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