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Our Procurement Department is the central purchasing and materials management department for CHA.

The mission of the Procurement Department is to acquire services, supplies, equipment and construction at the most efficient level. The department ensures that all vendors receive fair and equitable treatment when working with our organization. Our Procurement Department works diligently to accomplish its mission while complying with all applicable federal, state and local laws.

We generate solicitations and award contracts to business partners in a manner that fosters full and open competition.

What is an RFP?
(Request for Proposal)

When we are ready to select a vendor for business, a separate request for proposal (RFP) will be issued to those who qualify. A qualified vendor is one that has been qualified through the RFQ process. All RFPs are managed through eBIDS.

What is an RFQ?
(Request for Qualifications)

We occasionally issue requests for qualifications (RFQs) to update our list of qualified developers and vendors. The purpose of this process is to establish a qualified “pool” of vendors for a particular service or material needed by CHA to conduct daily business. It is possible that an RFQ may be issued without having a current business opportunity to offer.

Potential Vendors

If you are interested in working with us, please register for an account through eBIDS. This will allow our Procurement Department to notify you of upcoming business opportunities in your professional area of expertise.
Once registered, potential vendors can view all open IFBs, RFPs and RFQs listed by CHA. All modifications will be updated through eBIDS.

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