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Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD)

CHA is in the process of converting all of its public housing units to Project Based Voucher units under the RAD program. No current CHA resident will lose his or her housing as a result of this change and each household will still pay rent under the same structure in place now.

Making the move to RAD means that CHA will be able to achieve two major goals:

  1. preserving our current affordable units for many years to come by moving our funding stream to a more stable HUD platform.
  2. providing more people the chance to live in neighborhoods of choice as CHA responds to the increasing demand for more affordable housing in Charlotte by creating new mixed-income communities.

CHA anticipates completing the RAD conversion by mid-2018.



This RAD conversion will allow CHA to preserve the long-term affordability of our subsidized units without increasing the rental cost to our residents.  

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