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We are 1 of 39 agencies participating in the federal demonstration program Moving To Work (MTW) that provides public housing authorities flexibility in designing and testing nontraditional policies and programs that better address the issues surrounding low-income housing in their local community.
The program also gives us the ability to combine federal operating subsidies for the public housing and voucher programs together with annual capital grant into one single fund, the MTW Block Grant. Operating in this deregulated framework has allowed us to meet the federal statutory objectives of the program:

  • Reduce cost and achieve greater costs effectiveness in Federal expenditures
  • Give incentives to families with children where the head of household is  working, is seeking work, or is preparing for work by participating in job training, educational programs, or programs that assist people to obtain  employment and become economically self-sufficient
  • Increase housing choices for low-income families

“Housing is not a want. It’s a need.”
- Fulton Meachem, CEO & President, CHA.

Key Activities Implemented
  1. Rent Reform
  2. Case Management & Enhanced Services
  3. Supportive Housing Partnerships
  4. Resident Safety Activities


  • The employment rate for able-bodied heads of households and other family members
  • The number of family members in training and/or education programs
  • The increase in average and median income of families (all sources and earned income) (excluding seniors and disabled families)
  • The amount of funds leveraged in the community for production of housing that is affordable and the provision of supportive services
  • The number of children who enter post secondary education
  • The percent increase in the number of students that enter the Charlotte Housing Authority Scholarship Fund
  • The number of housing units in mixed-income environments
  • The distribution of housing units and housing opportunities (a) Section 9 and (b) Project-based Section 8

Specific accomplishments of our MTW activities have included construction of additional units that are affordable, enhanced case management services, partnering with supportive housing providers to provide gap financing and housing subsidies, and implementing policies that simplify the administration of public housing.

We have branded our local effort Moving Forward, which reflects a combination of shared intent, forward movement and the image of housing that is affordable as a safety net and platform for rebuilding lives. Our current MTW Agreement will expire March 31, 2018. We are working with other participating housing authorities, HUD representatives and local congressional delegates for approval of an extension of the agreement.


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